10 January, 2011

Style me up.

Today is a very exciting day at the 'She's called Claire' towers. Mainly because all of this week I am being styled by a lovely stylist called Laura Grant-Evans. Laura showed up at my studio last week with a suitcase full of amazing vintage finds from all over the world and I shall be showcasing them to you every day this week. So as it's the first day it seems only right to introduce you to this lovely lady. 

60 seconds with Laura Grant-Evans....

Sum up your style in three words.
Experimental, colourful and 'a wee touch of androgyny' (that counts as one word!)

Favourite piece of clothing?
This changes on a weekly basis but my Vivienne Westwood boots are a constant staple in my wardrobe.

Favourite vintage find?
80s Burberry mac found for £30 in a charity shop...it really is amazing!

Favourite vintage haunt?
I never fail to find something I like in Wolf and Gypsy in Brighton and Casino in Stoke Newington, London.

If you were a piece of clothing what would you be and why?
I would definitely be a pair of shoes as they can make or break an outfit and as my mother always said, 'Shoe maketh the (wo)man'!

New York, Paris or London?
London because I grew up there and I love that there is more freedom in the fashion industry here than anywhere else but Paris just can't be matched for sheer class.

Top fashion designer?
My favourite designer at this moment is Phoebe Phile. creative director of Celine. She can work wonders.

Whose the most famous person you have met/styled?
I met Alexa Chung at fashion week but I definitely didn't style her.

Style Icon?
My all-time favourite style icon is Edie Sedgwick.

Most prized personal possession?
Has to be my slow cooker!

Top tip for the season?
This season work a 70s piece with a bright pop of colour to bring it bang up to date.

And obviously... whats your favourite cake?
Carrot cake, all the way!

So as today as a bit of a celebration for me I have decided to go all out glam and wear this sequined butterfly cape that actually belonged to Laura's Mum in the 1970's. And lets be honest, nothing says glam like LOTS of gold and LOTS of sequins.

To find out more about Laura you can view here website here.

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