28 February, 2011

The Cupcake Queen.

The other day me and my friend Camilla aka The Cupcake Queen decided to get our bake on. And boy did we get our bake on. You may not know this but I am a terrible cook. Ask anyone that's ever been over for dinner and they will tell you that its more than likely that I will burn/spill/ruin the dinner and end up serving beans on toast instead. But I am saved by one small feat. I can russel up a cake like you wouldn't believe. So there was no stopping us when Camilla joined forces with her amazing baking skills and massive bag of treats.
We made a lot of mess and we made A LOT of cupcakes. So over the weekend I had a little tea party on my patio and got slightly carried away taking photos...

Aren't they absolutely amazing? I would absolutely recommend Camilla's skills if you ever have a tea party, birthday or even just a Tuesday and you fancy some cakes. She came up with the idea to combine ice creams and cupcakes for goodness sakes. She deserves a blooming medal! You can find her on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the links.

Today's vintage frock is a lovely little silky number and is a new addition to my collection. I am in love with the leaf print....


27 February, 2011

Sunday best.

Super hungover today so I've worn my Sunday best, eaten a lot of biscuits and hung out with this guy...

Now this is what Sundays are all about. Now I just need a massive roast and possibly a little nap. Dress is vintage of course, its from Wolf & Gypsy in Brighton.


26 February, 2011

Eye of the Tiger.

It's the last day of my little mini shoe project this week. Seven outfits were worn with one pair of shoes and I'm pleased to say that my feet finally do not hurt. Another pair of shoes successfully worn in. Get in!

In homage to the lovely Queenie who has styled the outfits this week (and who in my opinion should probably have shares in animal print as she wears it so much) I have worn this awesome vintage leopard print frock I bought from eBay ages ago. There isn't anything I don't like about this frock, its a tad on the 80s side, its silky smooth and it has cute buttons down the whole of one side.

Queenie herself is now on Twitter so follow her if you want style advice and/or make up tips. Shes also super lovely and tres funny. http://twitter.com/#!/QueenieMorton


25 February, 2011

Ahoy there me hearties...

When sick I generally find solice in pretty awful rom coms that I secretly love however yesterday I was in need of so much more than a rom com. I needed Johnny Depp. Lots and lots of Johnny Depp.

As such, today I am channeling my inner pirate by wearing leather shorts and a pirate ship necklace and most probably consuming a fair amount of rum as soon as I clock off work.

I did have to go with a vintage floral blouse though, couldn't go down the whole pirate themed road as that would have been just a smidge over the top. This blouse was from a pop up vintage shop in a sleepy little town called Southwold in Suffolk and it cost me £4.

The necklace I'm wearing is by From Chaos comes Beauty. It's freaking amazing and I already have my eyes the cameo necklace too! I met up with owner Katherina Page for a coffee a couple of months back and found out all about her and her brand....

How would you describe your label?
I think the beat way to describe From Chaos Comes Beauty is daydreams put into material form ... sometimes using other materials that i pick up along the way...

How long have you been up and running for?
From Chaos Comes Beauty first came about three years ago, but i would say it's only really got up and running properly last November.

What encouraged you to get into this industry and what was your route into it?
I have always enjoyed being creative but had never found a craft that i felt I excelled at or could do full time without living off of beans and toast, I found some silversmithing evening classes and after one class i was totally hooked..

Why did you choose the name From Chaos comes Beauty?
I heard someone say 'From beauty comes chaos' somewhere years ago and it always stuck with me, as soon as i started making jewellery 'From chaos comes beauty' was the perfect name for my creative process.  It describes the mess and jumbled ideas for designs in my head - totally chaotic, I think it usually ends with a beautiful piece of jewellery though! I suppose then the term 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' is relevant!....

Where did the inspiration come for your collections?
The inspiration for my 'in your orbit ' collection features swallows, which you could call my trademark, .... I am totally fascinated by them...

Where do you draw inspiration from generally?
I am heavily influenced by old school tattoo imagery and botanical naturalistic designs, these influence my work hugely.

What is your favourite piece?
I love all my pieces, they all receive the same care and attention, there is no favoritism! Buuuttt i would have to say at the moment the hammered bangle with silhouettes of birds and butterflies takes the cake. I love that each one I make has a free form design - there will never be one the same as another because of the organic way in which they are designed.

At what point did you realize you wanted to become involved in jewellery design?
I was feeling really lost and disheartened in my job and needed a creative outlet so I looked around at evening classes. After one class working with silver I fell in love with it....spent all my savings on silver, sawblades and plasters and never looked back!

How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?
It really depends on the piece, a simple pendant can take three hours or a more complex one can take three days! (and a lot of swear words!)

Who are some of your favorite designers? Are there any in particular that you take inspiration from?
I adore Sheune Leanes Cherry Blossom collection, if anyone wants to buy me a ring; I'll have one of those please! Alex Monroe also makes some beautiful pieces, incredibly delicate and intricate. Also Little Miss Delicious makes the tastiest pieces of jewellery... i recommend checking her work out if you need to liven up an outfit.
Where can readers buy your pieces?
My Jewellery is available on Folksy, and Asos Marketplace, but I am also on Facebook or available through www.fromchaoscomesbeauty.co.uk for commissions. Selected pieces are also available in Davids Smiths Contemporary Jewellers in Haywards Heath or Posh Totty Designs Boutique in Brighton.
Whats next for From Chaos comes Beauty?
I am hoping 2011 will be a big year for From Chaos Comes Beauty, perhaps some gallery shows, and lots of craft markets around Brighton and south London. Also I have a new collection in the pipeline...

Whats your favourite thing to do in Brighton?
Scouring the laines for items to add to my wardrobe by day and checking out local bands by night...

How would you describe your fashion style?
I have no idea how to describe my style! Ill be a high-waisted jeans and tee girl with a pair of vintage heels one minute and back in a pair of skinnys with my DMs the next! I suppose Spanish Moss Vintage could describe me as I want everything in their store!!

And most importantly...Whats your favourite type of cake?
Chocolate fudge cake all the way! :)

You can also find From Chaos comes Beauty on Facebook here.


24 February, 2011

She's a lady...

I have been super ill all day and as such I am still in my PJ's at 8.30pm. Nice I know. Seeing as I didn't think you'd all appreciate a photo of my poorly face, fellow blogger Lucy from http://humming-bird-vintage.blogspot.com/ has come to my rescue with her vintage outfit for you to look at this evening. This 1970s floral tea dress is just adorable. In fact I'm a little jealous that I don't own it...

The guilt did set in slightly that I may have failed in my challenge by missing out a day but I have been wearing this watch today which is infact an old vintage rotary watch so I guess that still counts...


23 February, 2011

Swallows and Amazons.

Feeling blue? Is this dreary weather making you sad? Have you lost count of the amount of cups of tea/coffee you've drank today? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then I have the perfect answer for you.

Simply wear a vintage skirt covered in birds and flowers. It'll perk you up no end I swear. If you also team this with eating your body weight in chocolate then you'll truly be on cloud nine. Take my word for it.


22 February, 2011

Please Mr Postman.

I'm not going to lie, my feet are starting to hurt. A LOT. In fact I would go so far as to say that my bunions are now screaming. Classy. I know.

I'm not giving up though. That said, I do have the day off work today and only a few errands to run so thankfully won't be on my feet too much. Today I am wearing a shirt that actually made me do a little squeal when Queenie pulled it out for me. It kinda reminds me of a US postman's shirt which is quite ironic really considering one of my jobs today was to go to the Post Office. The main reason for the squeal was that it says 'Suffolk County Fleet Service' on one of the badges. If you didn't know already I grew up in Suffolk so the fact that Queenie even had this was amazing! I must note though..I'm not just going out like this each day. I would literally freeze. Each outfit is being topped off with my fur and I am wearing Granny-like pop socks on my feet. Again, I am just too classy for my own good.

See the smile on my face? That's one happy lady. Or should I say that's one happy 'Mike'? Maybe Mike could be my alter ego for the day....I could fight crime and deliver packages. Yep. Mike can multi-task...


21 February, 2011

Introducing her Majesty...

As mentioned yesterday this week I'm collaborating with stylist Queenie Morton on a mini project we have called 'a week in the life of my shoes'. It only seemed right that I introduced her to you all so here is a bit about the Royal Highness herself and some pics I took in her studio...

Sum up your style in three words - Anything leopard print, gold or nautical makes me very happy. A friend once described me as 'Chunk', a delightful Chav/Punk style combo, and I can't really argue with that.

Favourite piece of clothing? Has to be my black leather studded jacket, it literally comes with me everywhere.

Favourite vintage find? I found myself at Reading festival a few years back without a sleeping bag. I went for a rummage in the Oxfam tent looking for something cosy and stumbled across the most beautiful faux fur with gorgeous pink lining for £10.

Favourite vintage haunt? Beyond Retro, it's the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon. I'm also a little bit in love with their collection of vintage robots.

If you were a piece of clothing what would you be and why? A jewel encrusted knuckle duster, sparkly, ridiculous, but could still do some damage.

New York, Paris or London? Can I be awkward and go with Tokyo?

Top fashion designer? It has to be her majesty, Vivienne Westwood. One day I WILL own a pair of her shoes.

Favourite Style Icon? Where to start..? Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, Debbie Harry, Brody Dalle, Lady Gaga, Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese, Noel Fielding (I would give my right arm to look that good in a mirrorball suit) and of course the Queen.

Most prized personal possession? Has to be my shoe collection, at last count there were over 100 pairs. Also my shiny new red sewing machine.

Top tip for the season?
3 words - leopard, leopard, leopard.

Favourite cake? My homemade lemon cupcakes with lemon curd centre and gold lustre icing (of course!)

I am running around town today with meetings after meetings so we decided that this polka dot baby doll dress would be just the ticket to go with this vintage grey bag I picked up for the bargain price of £3 a few months back.


20 February, 2011

Meeting with the Queen.

So yesterday I had a meeting with the Queen. Well, not the ACTUAL Queen (that would have been amazing as I do love her so) but this meeting was with my friend Queenie. Queenie is a fabulous stylist and make up artist extraordinaire and we have been friends for years and basically thought it was high time that we did a little collaboration. If I'm honest it was pretty much just an excuse for us to play dress up and drink A LOT of wine.

So I arrived at Queenies studio with a bag full of vintage treasures and very sore feet. I don't know if you noticed but the shoes I was wearing yesterday are sky high and cor did they hurt my feet. Queenie told me I needed to acclimatise my feet to wearing such types of shoes and that I basically should just wear them all the time. Then I had the brainwave. How awesome would it be to do a week in the life of a pair of shoes? I would get a chance to wear the shoes in and along with Queenies styling skills and amazing clothes these shoes would get put with all kinds of different outfits.

So I bundled out all the vintage pieces I wanted to wear this week and we set to work...

A couple of hours and two bottles of wine later I had my outfits planned for the week. Her studio now looked a bit like a bombsite, we'd danced a bit to Rihanna and I had an ever bigger bag of goodies to go home with. We celebrated with some cocktails, as you do...

So here are the shoes...

And here is Day One...

My vintage pieces today are this amazing scarf (courtesy of Queenie) and vintage earrings (courtesy of my Ma).

Check back tomorrow to see how my feet are holding up and more about the majesty herself.


19 February, 2011

The rise of the glamazon.

I'm going to go a bit controversial on you all here. I don't do this very often but I feel the need to share my appreciation for the rise of the glamazon. (Well that's what I call them anyway). They are the women in the media who don't cave under the pressure to be stick thin and just embrace their curves. It started with J-Lo and it wasn't long before everyone knew her just for her bum alone. Yet now we are just spoilt for choice with these curvaceous lovelies. There's Rihanna and Beyonce from across the pond (and my personal faves as you all well know) and now we have Brits like Paloma Faith, Kelly Brook and Davina McCall flying the flag for us pear shaped ladies. Rihanna is hands down my all time favourite though. You only have to turn on a music channel and wait a few minutes before they are bound to show a video of her parading round in her pants with THE biggest attitude and confidence you ever did see. And quite frankly why not? You don't have to be stick thin to be proud of your shape or your size and these woman are fantastic role models for this.

Now, I'm not going to lie when I first tried this vintage dress on and looked in the mirror I thought "Oh God I can't wear this, its far too tight on my thighs and bum". In fact I even took it off and put something else on but then I decided no, suck it up. I shouldn't be ashamed of the fact that I'm curvy and have inherited the family legs and bum. (Thanks for that Ma. Ha!) I then realised that if I didn't have curves then this dress probably won't even work in the first place.

So I have whacked on my heels and firmly embraced my amazonian status (I'm 6ft without heels as it is). I even listened to this song in preparation...

"She's a brick howwse. She's mighty mighty. Just lettin' it all hang ouuuut..." LOVE IT!


18 February, 2011

Fun & Flirty.

Sometimes I find we take fashion too seriously. As London Fashion Week kicks off there has been a barrage of tweets on Twitter with people posting their outfit photos and posting what they are wearing. You can guarantee that there will be a hell of a lot of perfected coiffed and meticulously planned outfits gracing Londons streets over the next few days. Don't get me wrong I'm gutted that I'm too snowed under to be there and witness these outfits myself but part of me does feel that far too much pressure is put on how we look.
I have been totally inspired after watching footage of designer Betsey Johnson cartwheeling down the catwalk after her show in New York Fashion Week yesterday. This woman is in her seventies, she still looks amazing, she wears crazy fun outfits without a care in the world. Shes totally having fun with her fashion. Her collection also emulated this. She has used stack loads of leopard print (A-MAZING) but made it just that little bit more crazy and outlandish...

Betsey now holds a special place in my heart after seeing her style is still the same after all these years. I shall file her alongside Helena Bonham Carter who again is another woman who doesn't follow trends to the nail and just wears whatever the hell she wants. Now onto my outfit today. I knew that I wanted to wear this vintage pink cardi from The Cherry Closet today and was thinking I might go down the fifties 'pink lady' route but then I took a look outside, saw the sun was shining, took inspiration from Betsey and just threw on a ditsy floral skirt, my cute pumps and basically ended up walking down the street looking like a cross between a 5 year old who's been allowed to dress herself for the first time and some kind of dodgy cheerleader. I didn't care though. Its fun, its flirty and its put me in the best of spirits.

So my advice to you all is pure and simply, have fun with your outfits. Embrace your individuality and just wear whatever the hell you want! Oh and if you want proof of Betsey's cartwheels - check out the vid below from one of last years shows.. I love her!!


17 February, 2011

Mushrooms & Mushaboom.

Hands up who likes cute quirky little prints? I certainly do so imagine the smile on my face when I opened a package from The Cherry Closet to find this mushroom print vintage dress. Not only is it mushroom print but its got a frilly collar, super cute buttons and an amazing label on the inside.

Now spring is on the way expect to see a lot of tea dresses floating all over town. I like to wear mine whilst listening to this song as I'm walking down the street and secretly pretending I'm in this video....


16 February, 2011

Spring clean.

Did anyone else wake up today and feel a bit like spring was in the air? Well I certainly did. The sun was beaming this morning in Brighton and it has been all day. I literally cannot wait for the summer. In fact I'm probably a tad too eager. The first sign of sunshine and I was delving out the summer frocks. (Still worn with thick tights mind. I'm still somewhat sensible). But it was very much a floaty frock - check, sunglasses -check moment before I left the house this morning! This frock was bought from a thrift store and is the most amazing mermaid green colour. Ohh I just resisted THE biggest urge to shout out "Ariel" like Sebastian does in the Little Mermaid. Aren't you proud? I think my studio already think I'm a little bit crazy as it is and them suddenly discovering I have some form of Disney Tourettes probably wouldn't help my case.

ANYWAAAY. Speaking of spring, those of you who are checking the site for the first time today will notice its all spangly and new! I decided I needed a new fresh vibe on the site so I got my HTML head on last night and have made some tweaks. What do you think? Do you miss the lovely florals? I think I might have to incorporate them back in somehow. A day without a touch of floral is just wrong in my opinion.


15 February, 2011

At a rate of knots.

Today I have made zero effort what so ever. At no point did I try and be stylish or fashionable. At no point did I actually look in the mirror in fact. It was very much a throw on whatever I could find, tie my wild hair up into a scarf and jet out the door day.

I bought this scarf from a vintage fair for about £3 and it was one of the first scarves I ever bought. You gotta love a nice scarf. Put one on and you can instantly jazz up any outfit or cover up a bad hair day (a prime example of what I've done today!) I am always on the hunt for more and this one particular is on my wish list. Its floral AND its Vivienne Westwood. What more could a gal ask for?



14 February, 2011

Valentines Surprises.

After a lovely trip to the zoo today. Yep, that's right, the zoo (my boy knows how to make me happy!) I thought we'd just chill out at home tonight and avoid the generally quite horrible cramped valentines night where you spend most of the night crammed in like cattle and have to listen to every ones mushy conversations that pretty much make you want to do a little vom into your dessert. Don't get me wrong I can be just as mushy as the rest of them but other peoples mush is sometimes just a liiiiitle bit too much. But anyway, about half an hour ago my boyfriend sprang on me that I had an hour to get dolled up and that a surprise was on its way! Immediately I had the fear we all get when a surprise is sprung on you "Argh what do I wear" and my own personal one "Oh no I haven't blogged yet!".

I planned on showing you all my zoo outfit but instead I am showing you the corker of a dress I'm going to wear tonight instead. It was actually a friends Christmas present to me (she also knows me too well too and I've lost count of the times we go out looking pretty much exactly the same but that's a whole other story right there. Oops I am now rambling when really I should be getting ready!)

So the frock is from a vintage store that I can't remember the name of (useful I know) and the gloves are probably a bit too much but heck, he said doll up so that's what I'm going to do. They are from The Cherry Closet and so gloriously fifties. Plus if I'm about to spend the next few hours cosied up to other couples then I at least want to look a-mazing. Speaking of amazing I should probably do something about my face. These eye bags are most definitely NOT hot.

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