05 February, 2011

On the wagon.

One of my favourite places in the world is pure and simply, an olde worldy pub. I can haul up for the afternoon/evening in a cosy little pub with a few of my favourites and literally be in the happiest place. Today I have spent most of the afternoon propping up the bar in my local whilst one of my friends is at work. In fact I'm even writing this now as I sit at the bar. Its the kind of afternoon where you don't even need alcohol, I'm drinking orange and lemonade and eating salt and vinegar crisps like I'm a little kid. I am also wearing a very fancy and probably inappropriately short vintage number for such an occasion but who cares. I'm gossiping with my ladies, I have a ready supply of bar treats (except for the Scampi Fries - I tend to steer clear of those for obvious reasons) and we have band of horses playing in the background. I don't think this could be more perfect.

When I was younger I really wanted to own a pub. My friend used to have a pub when we were growing up and we would pretend we were the landlords and joke around with all the regulars at the weekends or after school. I think it was the idea of being around such lovely warm people who always seemed to be nice and happy that appealed to me. Thinking about this now it was probably because they were all p*ssed out of their heads but I didn't realise that at the time. Although now, if I did own a pub I would most certainly have to jazz it up a bit. I wouldn't want any of those Fosters posters or beer towels. Oh no. You know it would have to be china plates and doilies all the way. Not sure how the regulars would feel about that though...

You can't really see the frock very well from the photos but its a little burgundy polka dot dress with gold buttons and its super cute. I'm sure I'll be wearing it again in another post soon so you'll definitely be able to see it in its full glory at some point.
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