07 February, 2011

Blue Steel.

You may not realise this but posing for photos doesn't actually come that easily for me. Unless I've had a few of course but I think that's the same as most people. I spent years hiding behind the camera rather than in the front of it and I still have days where I dread asking someone to take my snap that day. Those are usually the days when I'm 'casually looking at the floor'. Cunning I know. Ha! However one of the treats the The Cherry Closet sent me was just far too good not to proper pose in. It is this amazing stretch vintage camel skirt which they've called 'Butterscotch baby'. As soon as I put it on this morning all I've done is stretch around in it. I don't usually wear skin tight stretchy skirts but I may do after this. I've been lunging and power stancing all over the show, its amazing! So what came with the stretchyness was my undiscovered 'blue steel'. I most definitely got my pose on today as you'll see from the photo. Hehehe....

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