09 February, 2011

Mixing it up.

One of things I love about this blog is that I have been getting the opportunity to wear something I wouldn't ordinarily pick out in a shop. Today's vintage dress is the perfect example of that. I'm not going to lie, when I first saw it I did wonder how I was going to wear it as it wasn't really my style. BUT everything changed when I tried it on. Suddenly I felt like I should be sashaying around a low lit boudoir sipping champagne out of a cocktail glass whilst twirling around a cigarette holder in my hand or just generally lounging around listening to records. Its gloriously soft and floaty and more than a little bit fabulous. Now unfortunately I am not in a boudoir full of cushions and chaise longues today, I am instead sitting at my desk in my studio but that didn't stop me from at least tottering around in ridiculous heels to make up for it. This dress is far too special for flats, even if it is just me alone in the studio today drinking tea and gorging on biscuits...

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