11 February, 2011

Pretty in Pink.

The sole thought in my head this morning when I was getting dressed was how much I wanted to wear these new vintage shoes from The Cherry Closet. They are proper eighties stilettos and freaking AWESOME! So I figured, as I was going eighties I might as well go the whole hog. When have I ever been one to be subtle eh? So I'm wearing this bright pink vintage number that I bought from eBay a while back. The pleating, the collar, the sleeves, the colour..Oh its just amazing! It was probably a 'little' too much for a work/lunch meeting (which is where I was headed when this was snapped) but dammit, its Friday so why the hell not.

Anyway...a couple of hours later and I'm sat hunched over my desk with a belly food of food, a rather sleepy glaze over my eyes and crazy sore legs. Basically, on Wednesday night I went to legs, bums and tums for the first time in my life and oh. my. god. I am still struggling now. I thought yesterday was bad and a few of you lovelies on Twitter said I would be even worse today and boy I am. I have muscles that I didn't know existed screaming at me whenever I walk, sit down or stand up. Stairs are just a big no-no today. Plus it most definitely wasn't the right day to wear stilettos thats for sure. But nope, me being me figured I'd power though. That was a BIG mistake. Now my feet AND my legs are crying. What makes it worse is that I'm going dancing tonight with my ladies and now I have no idea how I'm going to manage to pull some shapes without looking like a cringey relative at a family wedding. If you see me out tonight, don't judge me....

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