12 February, 2011

Fancy for the sake of being fancy.

Do you ever do this? Do you ever just feel the need to be a little bit fancy? I do this quite a lot. When the weathers dreary or if I'm snowed under with work I tend to wear something fancy just to perk my mood up a little bit. I have been known to wear some ridiculous dresses to Sainsburys just to make food shopping a tad more exciting. Amongst my group of friends this is a regular activity. We'll put on the highest of high shoes and pretty frocks just to tot round the corner to a local cocktail bar. Its just how we roll. Today is no exception. We are having a 'fancy day'. We're dressing up to the nines just for the hell of it and going out for a nice lady lunch. I'm ignoring the fact that I am still hungover and still achey (the dancing last night did not help) in an attempt to be a graceful 'lady who lunches' today. And a lady wouldn't be complete without a hat. This little beauty is vintage, has the most beautiful yellow rose on the back and perches just perfectly on my head. Totally timeless. Its another piece from The Cherry Closet and I've worn it with this adorable lace shift dress from Zara.

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