14 February, 2011

Valentines Surprises.

After a lovely trip to the zoo today. Yep, that's right, the zoo (my boy knows how to make me happy!) I thought we'd just chill out at home tonight and avoid the generally quite horrible cramped valentines night where you spend most of the night crammed in like cattle and have to listen to every ones mushy conversations that pretty much make you want to do a little vom into your dessert. Don't get me wrong I can be just as mushy as the rest of them but other peoples mush is sometimes just a liiiiitle bit too much. But anyway, about half an hour ago my boyfriend sprang on me that I had an hour to get dolled up and that a surprise was on its way! Immediately I had the fear we all get when a surprise is sprung on you "Argh what do I wear" and my own personal one "Oh no I haven't blogged yet!".

I planned on showing you all my zoo outfit but instead I am showing you the corker of a dress I'm going to wear tonight instead. It was actually a friends Christmas present to me (she also knows me too well too and I've lost count of the times we go out looking pretty much exactly the same but that's a whole other story right there. Oops I am now rambling when really I should be getting ready!)

So the frock is from a vintage store that I can't remember the name of (useful I know) and the gloves are probably a bit too much but heck, he said doll up so that's what I'm going to do. They are from The Cherry Closet and so gloriously fifties. Plus if I'm about to spend the next few hours cosied up to other couples then I at least want to look a-mazing. Speaking of amazing I should probably do something about my face. These eye bags are most definitely NOT hot.

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