16 February, 2011

Spring clean.

Did anyone else wake up today and feel a bit like spring was in the air? Well I certainly did. The sun was beaming this morning in Brighton and it has been all day. I literally cannot wait for the summer. In fact I'm probably a tad too eager. The first sign of sunshine and I was delving out the summer frocks. (Still worn with thick tights mind. I'm still somewhat sensible). But it was very much a floaty frock - check, sunglasses -check moment before I left the house this morning! This frock was bought from a thrift store and is the most amazing mermaid green colour. Ohh I just resisted THE biggest urge to shout out "Ariel" like Sebastian does in the Little Mermaid. Aren't you proud? I think my studio already think I'm a little bit crazy as it is and them suddenly discovering I have some form of Disney Tourettes probably wouldn't help my case.

ANYWAAAY. Speaking of spring, those of you who are checking the site for the first time today will notice its all spangly and new! I decided I needed a new fresh vibe on the site so I got my HTML head on last night and have made some tweaks. What do you think? Do you miss the lovely florals? I think I might have to incorporate them back in somehow. A day without a touch of floral is just wrong in my opinion.

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