18 February, 2011

Fun & Flirty.

Sometimes I find we take fashion too seriously. As London Fashion Week kicks off there has been a barrage of tweets on Twitter with people posting their outfit photos and posting what they are wearing. You can guarantee that there will be a hell of a lot of perfected coiffed and meticulously planned outfits gracing Londons streets over the next few days. Don't get me wrong I'm gutted that I'm too snowed under to be there and witness these outfits myself but part of me does feel that far too much pressure is put on how we look.
I have been totally inspired after watching footage of designer Betsey Johnson cartwheeling down the catwalk after her show in New York Fashion Week yesterday. This woman is in her seventies, she still looks amazing, she wears crazy fun outfits without a care in the world. Shes totally having fun with her fashion. Her collection also emulated this. She has used stack loads of leopard print (A-MAZING) but made it just that little bit more crazy and outlandish...

Betsey now holds a special place in my heart after seeing her style is still the same after all these years. I shall file her alongside Helena Bonham Carter who again is another woman who doesn't follow trends to the nail and just wears whatever the hell she wants. Now onto my outfit today. I knew that I wanted to wear this vintage pink cardi from The Cherry Closet today and was thinking I might go down the fifties 'pink lady' route but then I took a look outside, saw the sun was shining, took inspiration from Betsey and just threw on a ditsy floral skirt, my cute pumps and basically ended up walking down the street looking like a cross between a 5 year old who's been allowed to dress herself for the first time and some kind of dodgy cheerleader. I didn't care though. Its fun, its flirty and its put me in the best of spirits.

So my advice to you all is pure and simply, have fun with your outfits. Embrace your individuality and just wear whatever the hell you want! Oh and if you want proof of Betsey's cartwheels - check out the vid below from one of last years shows.. I love her!!

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