28 February, 2011

The Cupcake Queen.

The other day me and my friend Camilla aka The Cupcake Queen decided to get our bake on. And boy did we get our bake on. You may not know this but I am a terrible cook. Ask anyone that's ever been over for dinner and they will tell you that its more than likely that I will burn/spill/ruin the dinner and end up serving beans on toast instead. But I am saved by one small feat. I can russel up a cake like you wouldn't believe. So there was no stopping us when Camilla joined forces with her amazing baking skills and massive bag of treats.
We made a lot of mess and we made A LOT of cupcakes. So over the weekend I had a little tea party on my patio and got slightly carried away taking photos...

Aren't they absolutely amazing? I would absolutely recommend Camilla's skills if you ever have a tea party, birthday or even just a Tuesday and you fancy some cakes. She came up with the idea to combine ice creams and cupcakes for goodness sakes. She deserves a blooming medal! You can find her on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the links.

Today's vintage frock is a lovely little silky number and is a new addition to my collection. I am in love with the leaf print....

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