05 March, 2011

Hair of the dog.

Up until about the age of 23 whenever I had a hangover all I'd need was a bacon sandwich, a nice brew and a couple of paracetamol and I'd be totally fixed and ready for the day. However these days I find myself having to cope with ALL DAY HANGOVERS. Its just not fair. No amount of junk food, trashy films or painkillers seem to bring me out of my hangover hell. Today has been particularly bad because I started work at 8.30 this morning and got in at 3 this morning. Not good. Claire doesn't work well with lack of sleep. She also doesn't work well when she decides to mix white wine with red wine. Whooops.

So as I write this I am pretty much at the point where I need to go crawl back into bed and die but instead I'm doing it allllll over again. And what is going to get me through this I hear you ask?

Glitter and shoulder pads. Thats what. I might just be going to a comedy gig and then to some pubs but dammit if I'm gonna do this I'm gonna need some sparkle to help me power through.

This top used to be part of a vintage dress but I had a sewing malfunction whilst trying to make the dress shorter and alas it ended up having to be made into a top. I do like a good crop top though so it came up good in the end. Now someone get this girl a drink....

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