08 March, 2011

Who's that girl?

So as I'm sure you are all aware today is International Womens Day. Don't worry I'm not going to go all Destinys Child you and start singing 'throw your hands up at me...' In fact its quite the opposite. I have been a terrible woman today. Generally I like to think that most of the time I'm a pretty good example of a woman. I pretty much hold down two jobs, I bring home the bacon and I still manage to party/dance at least twice a week. Granted I'm a terrible cook and hardly ever clean but hey, we're not perfect are we?

So basically I have been forgetful, unorganised and very very clumsy. Topped off by a rather uncomfortable situation in Sainsburys where I picked up a bag of flour ready for pancakes tonight and didn't notice the bag was ripped and ended up making a mess right in the middle of an aisle. Luckily a chirpy little man came to my rescue in the end. I think he felt sorry for me trying to scoop it all up with my hands. I've also managed to make one hell of a mess trying to organise my clothes and at one point I may have had a bit of a paddy but all that doesn't matter quite so much because I at least looked the part....

The dress reminds me of what an eighties powerhouse woman would wear when surrounded by men wearing suits. I love the big buttons and the shoulder pads (obviously). I've had this dress a while and I bought in from Rokit on Brick Lane.

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