12 March, 2011

It's like a zoo in here.

I will never forget when I was younger we had to go round the class describing which animals we thought each other would be. There was me thinking that I'd be called a Cat or possibly something cheeky like a Monkey. But nope. Everyone in the class had a totally different idea. They all sniggered and called me a Giraffe. Literally. All of them.

I know I was the tallest kid in the class (yep, I was taller than the boys too) but come on. I actually love Giraffes, I always have done. I once parked up at a Safari Park for at least 20 mins until I saw one sit down. Don't ask me why I just find it hilarious. But when your 10 years old and you already have a complex it didn't really help matters. So today I am wearing an almost Giraffe print vintage shirt to show all of you that mocked me. Yes I am a giraffe. And I am proud of it.

Wow. I feel a bit empowered now actually. Maybe the hair of the dog wasn't such a good idea. I might go and give my neighbours upstairs who play dance music really loud on Saturday mornings a piece of my mind. Thinking about it I might just go put the kettle on and get back to work instead...

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