12 April, 2011

The wanderer returns...

Every blogger will tell you to never apologise for not posting for a while, however being one that has never really stuck to the rules I'm going to do it anyway. I haven't posted for a month and I'm really sorry to all my readers about that.

I won't go into too many details but lets just say you wouldn't have wanted to see a photo every day of a sleep deprived, puffy faced, PJ wearing mess who was probably in desperate need of a good wash. Over the past month everything has changed dramatically and I now find myself in a whole new and somewhat daunting chapter of my life.

With these changes has come a big decision to change what I'm doing with the blog. You all know I love vintage clothes (and this will never change) but thinking practically I have decided to end my 365 days of vintage and focus more on my writing. I will still do outfit posts of course, just not for every blog post. Yes I'm aware that when I started the blog I said I was doing this to prove to everyone that I can finish something I start but hey, you can't change a pattern of a lifetime. I guess that makes me who I am and it's time for me to come to terms with that. So from now on I will be featuring vintage events, vintage shops, fashion designers, fashion and celebrity news as well as my general ramblings of course.

So now I continue. As a still slightly broken vintage wearing girl who lets face it, is always going to be a little bit fickle.

x x x

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and family and not forgetting my good friend Sailor Jerry. All of you combined have brought me back to life.

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