11 August, 2011

The art of compliments.

Compliments are tricky things. Trickier than the super advanced Sudoku you might say. There's some weird kind of stigma with compliments and a lot of us struggle with taking them. Yet the majority of the time we have absolutely no issues with giving them.

It's like some kind of weird tug of war pull, except we are all less sweaty and wearing considerably better outfits than sportswear. (I would like to hope...)

I am terrible at accepting any form of compliment and generally it always goes something like this...

Them: “Your hair looks nice”. Me: “Yeah I washed it”.

Them: “Ooh pretty dress”. Me: “Oh thanks, I got it in the sale last week”.

Them: “Wow, I like your shoes". Me: “Oh really? I've had them for years”.

Them: “You look nice”. Me: “Ergh I feel awful”.

Them: “Cool sunnies”. Me: “They are totally covering my eyebags”.

Them: “I really like your flat”. Me: “Really? It's full of damp”.

Does this sound familiar to you? If the answer is yes then welcome to the club. The 'Can't take compliments' club that is. Why we feel the need to answer each compliment with an excuse I will never know. So my tip of the day is...If you look nice and someone tells you so. Just blooming take it with a pinch of salt and a smile would you? You'll feel much better if you do. And they wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true. So deal with it.

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