14 August, 2011

Fix up. Look sharp.

I generally find that being a 'fashion blogger' always has a certain kind of stigma attached to it. Which is why I always do a tiny little cringe when I find myself saying those words out loud. Really I'm just a tall awkward girl who likes to wear pretty vintage frocks and make the odd joke here and there. Quite badly, I might add. For me, fashion should never be taken too seriously. Fashion really is just another way for us to express ourselves so if you want to go outside wearing your stripey PJ's then just go for it. They say the 'just got out of bed' look is always a winner so why not take it literally. Besides, we've all ran to the shop in them for emergency milk, tea, bacon of a Sunday morning so why not throw on some killer heels and some big sunnies and style it out?

Being that this is my plea for a spot on the front row at the Look show I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you all that you can totally rock the latest trends with vintage, second hand and high street finds. In an attempt to mix it up, I've picked my favourite AW12 trends from the latest issue of Look Magazine and transformed them into outfits fit for the sunniest of summer days. It's always good to be ahead of the game right?

Emerald City...

I'm a recent convert to the colour green and this vintage skirt is now a total fave. I've teamed it with a little floral bodice from Topshop and an American Apparel hat and BOOM there you have a picnic perfect outfit. Now someone take me to a park stat. This girl is in desperate need of a scotch egg and fast.

Girl with the golden touch...

This is a 100% high street outfit. We're talking H&M, American Apparel and Topshop here. I do love a bright and yellow is just the perfect colour to cheer up any look. This skirt looks great for a summer style but come Winter all you need to do is team this bad boy with thick grey tights, ankle boots and an arran cardi that your Gran would be proud of and you'll instantly have the perfect Autumnal look.

Polka face...

You gotta love an up-cycle (well I most certainly do) and that's exactly what this vintage number is. It used to be a longer dress but it has been shortened to create this little mini. Upcycling is totally the way forward and I love the fact that you can tweak an existing garment into being something specifically designed for you. It's also incredibly thrifty and therefore much better for your bank balance. Which in hindsight means you then have more money to buy more dresses. Now that's a kind of logic I like to do..!

Flirty Forties...

When it comes to forties frocks I have plenty that my Nanna gave me that I could have easily worn but I just wanted to show that even the high street shops are pulling it out of the bag when it comes to vintage inspired styles nowadays. I think you'll agree that Primark really came up trumps when they created this little bad boy. The mustard colour and pussy bow detailing is just perfect for a forties inspired frock.

Leather and lace...

I have to admit I do love a sheer. To the point in fact where it does become a little bit inappropriate. Not wanting to be known as the girl on the front row who makes everyone feel uncomfortable I have toned it down somewhat and gone for this lace frock from H&M instead. Another one that's perfect for Winter really, yet worn with bare legs, ankle boots and some sunnies and it's the perfect festival outfit. That's right. This festival season it's Alexa Chung, Florence Welch, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and err...some girl called Claire?

Hey, a girl can dream. Which is exactly what I'm doing by entering this competition really. I could go on and on about why I deserve a spot on the front row but instead of that don't you think it would be just a little bit good to have a slightly odd looking girl rocking a vintage frock who's basically just a little bit nice?

Hell yeah it would! Well I am biased obviously..! But seriously if I can send out just one message with this post then mixing the old with the new is totally the way forward. It's all about being comfortable in yourself and just doing and wearing whatever you want to.

Ladies. It's time to mix it up.

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