23 August, 2011

Freeze Frame It.

Do you ever wish you could take a moment and time and freeze frame it, put it in your pocket and save it for a day when you're feeling blue? This happens to me A LOT. So much so, I'm pretty sure that I'd have to start wearing combat trousers again to keep them all in. And let's face it, that's never gonna happen is it? (No offense to all your combat wearing readings out there of course - their multi-purpose function is totally on the money).

Anyway I'm getting off track once again...Basically yesterday was one of those moments. I spent most of the day refreshing the Look Magazine website. I tried so hard not to but being one who openly admits to my lack of 'cool' there I was refreshing. And refreshing. And refreshing...

And Voila! There I was. Nestled at the bottom between some other cracking bloggers. A shortlist for the Look Blogger Competition. Total Win! I generally just ramble away and hope people read it and like it so to actually be acknowledged was somewhat of a surprise! So as usual, in my ever so tacky way to link this situation up (I KNOW YOU LOVE IT REALLY...) I have literally framed the moment.

As luck would have it I was also wearing the jazziest of jazzy tops yesterday. Slightly resembling a bumble bee yes but HELLO spangles! This stunner is from vintage clothing company Another Timeless Piece and it literally couldn't have been a better time to wear it. Picture me reading the results. Then picture me in this outfit along with various members from my studio doing this....

From about 4.10secs in. That's me right there. Oh yeahhhh...

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