04 August, 2011

Here is my heart.

I am a sucker for any kind of project. Most of the time I have about three of four on the go at any one time. But when my friend told me about this particular one being run by the 'Pharmacy of Stories' I was sold, hook, line and sinker.

Those who know me know that I am pretty good at fixing a broken heart. Or at best at least being there for someone who's heart is a little bit broken. There really is nothing worse than a broken heart and sometimes it can take weeks, months or years to fix. Some never even heal but you at least have to try.

So this latest project entitled 'Here is my heart' totally pulled at my heart strings. Pun intended.

The show will offer people the opportunity to either get a heart transplant to mend your broken heart or alternatively to be a donor and donate your heart to someone who needs it.

Matters of the heart are always a tricky one yet it's funny how we can all easily come up with ways to fix them. Take tonight for instance, me and two other gals from the studio cracked open a bottle of vino (obviously) and immediately ideas of the type of things we could make/design/create to help those in need of a little bit of heart TLC were flowing easier than the wine was. Now that's saying something I can tell you...We drink A LOT and generally rather fast..!

I have decided to be a donor and I will wait until the show to share with you what my idea is but in the meantime you all need to get involved and show some love. It's like it's very own crafty therapy. Love it.

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