19 October, 2011

Geometric Joy.

Let's face it, the weather has turned our wardrobes upside down. I don't know whether to wear a winter coat and boots or a summer dress sans tights. Whatever decision you make each morning you can guarantee that 10 minutes down the road you'll feel like you've made a mistake. The other day I was sweating like a beast by the time I got to Tesco. And Tesco is only 5 minutes away from me. I'm pretty sure the security guard followed me around as he feared I was going to pass out.

The next day I was floating around town in a floaty little number and no cardi. Aaaand commence full on gusts of wind exposing my pants to the nation. I tried my best to be style it out and just pretend I was Marilyn, however my Granny pants (laundry day) said otherwise.

It's just not chic is it? How can be continue to be our stylish little selves when the elements keep changing it up? Well I think I have the answer with this outfit. The vintage skirt is a gorgeous missoni-esque print and it's woolen so it'll keep your legs nice and toasty and is heavy enough not to blow up in the wind. I've teamed it with a little crop top so you don't get too hot should the sun come out.

In your face Weather. YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME.

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