15 March, 2011

Sway with me.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter I was introduced to New York based label The Sway and was instantly intrigued. Not only do they make wonderful bags but they are all made from excess leathers from other manufacturers and tanneries. With 'Green' fashion becoming ever so popular I love that they are doing this. They are making high quality designer items in an Eco fashion. If you ask me it's the ultimate in upcycling.

Unfortunately I do not own a Sway bag but I do have this rather lovely leather satchel that I bought from a charity shop for £5. It's a lovely navy colour and is perfect to go with this little floral number.


14 March, 2011

The £5 adventure.

So last night I decided that I wanted to go on a little mini adventure today. Its always hard having a day off during the week as everyone else is normally but at work but luckily for me my friend Jackie was free (and had a brand new haircut to show off - you understand, we've all been there) so we decided we would hop on a bus and just go wherever the wind took us.
This was all going very well until I realised that I had brought the wrong bank card with me. A bank card which subsequently only had £1.20 on it. Luckily I had brought some change with me so ended up with the grand total of £5. So with £5 to have an adventure we decided there was only one thing for it...

Crazy Golf and a cup of tea. You don't need to say it. I know what you're thinking...

Rock and Roll.

It wasn't intentional. We planned on just having a stroll along the seafront but for some reason we decided it would be a good idea to play crazy golf. Although turns out crazy golf isn't quite so 'crazy' when you're now an adult and not actually very good at it. But it was nice to get some sea air in my lungs thats for sure.

My vintage piece today is my handbag. Bought from To Be Worn Again in Brighton a couple of months ago for £8. I do feel a bit sad for it though. I promised it an adventure and all I delivered was some terrible golf and a brew. I think I need to up my game next time. Or at least remember my bank card...


13 March, 2011

Down to a tea.

Today I went here...

And I wore this...

The cafe is a must for any one who lives in Brighton or just comes here for the day. Its called Tic Toc and it's literally like stepping back in time to the Seventies! They also do amazing fresh mint teas which is perfect for when you've been out on the razz for two nights straight like I have. The frock is a Beyond Retro number and is the most adorable print! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon eh.


12 March, 2011

It's like a zoo in here.

I will never forget when I was younger we had to go round the class describing which animals we thought each other would be. There was me thinking that I'd be called a Cat or possibly something cheeky like a Monkey. But nope. Everyone in the class had a totally different idea. They all sniggered and called me a Giraffe. Literally. All of them.

I know I was the tallest kid in the class (yep, I was taller than the boys too) but come on. I actually love Giraffes, I always have done. I once parked up at a Safari Park for at least 20 mins until I saw one sit down. Don't ask me why I just find it hilarious. But when your 10 years old and you already have a complex it didn't really help matters. So today I am wearing an almost Giraffe print vintage shirt to show all of you that mocked me. Yes I am a giraffe. And I am proud of it.

Wow. I feel a bit empowered now actually. Maybe the hair of the dog wasn't such a good idea. I might go and give my neighbours upstairs who play dance music really loud on Saturday mornings a piece of my mind. Thinking about it I might just go put the kettle on and get back to work instead...


11 March, 2011

Counting my blessings.

It almost seems wrong to do a blog post today what with everything going on in Japan. It really puts everything into perspective doesn't it? So instead I am going to use this post to say my thoughts are with everyone in Japan and to everyone with friends and family who are affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

This is a vintage Laura Ashley frock with a lovely little floral print which if I remember rightly I bought from eBay.

10 March, 2011

The Orient Express.

According to Grazia this week there is one trend to watch this summer and that's oriental. Silk fabrics and exotic patterns will soon be hitting our high streets and it is predicted to be a huge trend. Just one look at the Louis Vuitton SS11 show is enough to see that...

However I am wondering if this oriental trend might not just be a one way ticket (yes the pun was intended). With Jasper Gavida showing a nod to oriental themes in his AW11 show it might well last the whole year. If you haven't seen Jaspers show, take a look below, its very beautiful...

After reading the page in Grazia the other day I was convinced I had some vintage treats that nudged towards the trend so I did a little bit of a hunt through all my clothes and found a lovely little tea dress that used to belong to my Nanna that has the prettiest oriental print on it. The dress is also a warm yellow colour so is perfect for Spring. So I decided to wear it today and be ahead of the game. Ahead of the game in my 30 year old dress but still...


09 March, 2011

Juno says Hello.

A couple of weeks ago I popped into the Juno Says Hello vintage boutique with the soul intention of finding a lovely new frock. Needless to say there was too many to choose from and I ended up leaving with two...

Juno Says Hello are a luxury vintage boutique operating from a studio just near Kings Cross, London and I have to say that not only was I ridiculously happy when I was greeted by an adorable little puppy but also just the sheer amount of stunning dresses they have for sale. It was enough to make a gal do a little scream. There are rows and rows of beautiful frocks made with some gorgeous fabrics and designs and it took a lot of strength not to try on each and every one. The lovely thing about this boutique is that you can really tell that a lot of care and attention has gone into sourcing these pieces. I met director Rebecca Rose and she knew the history of pretty much every frock which was just amazing and really added much more of a personal feel to the whole experience.

They have an online boutique at www.junosayshello.com but they also open the studio up for appointments too if you'd rather have a browse and a try on. They are also very flexible with appointment times so if you'd had a hellish day and work and nothing but a new frock is going to cut the mustard then give them a call and go try on some of these beauts. 

They also run regular special events, giveaways and private events so be sure to sign up to the mailing list here. I am so in love with the print on this dress and the cut is so flattering. Mad Men eat your heart out...


08 March, 2011

Who's that girl?

So as I'm sure you are all aware today is International Womens Day. Don't worry I'm not going to go all Destinys Child you and start singing 'throw your hands up at me...' In fact its quite the opposite. I have been a terrible woman today. Generally I like to think that most of the time I'm a pretty good example of a woman. I pretty much hold down two jobs, I bring home the bacon and I still manage to party/dance at least twice a week. Granted I'm a terrible cook and hardly ever clean but hey, we're not perfect are we?

So basically I have been forgetful, unorganised and very very clumsy. Topped off by a rather uncomfortable situation in Sainsburys where I picked up a bag of flour ready for pancakes tonight and didn't notice the bag was ripped and ended up making a mess right in the middle of an aisle. Luckily a chirpy little man came to my rescue in the end. I think he felt sorry for me trying to scoop it all up with my hands. I've also managed to make one hell of a mess trying to organise my clothes and at one point I may have had a bit of a paddy but all that doesn't matter quite so much because I at least looked the part....

The dress reminds me of what an eighties powerhouse woman would wear when surrounded by men wearing suits. I love the big buttons and the shoulder pads (obviously). I've had this dress a while and I bought in from Rokit on Brick Lane.


07 March, 2011

These shoes were made for walking...

Today Rebecca from Tokyo Telephone and I went on a mission for shoes. But not just any shoes, lovely vintage shoes. As some of you may be aware from previous posts I have a bit of a nightmare finding vintage shoes as my feet are a size 7, very wide and very boney. Sexy, I know. So we headed to Beyond Retro to try on as many pairs as physically possible....

Which ones are your favourites? For me, it had to be these grey ones...

They added just the right amount of 'lady touch' (that sounds ever so slightly wrong..!) to this old shirt which was also an old Beyond Retro purchase in fact. Although there was a special place in my heart for these lipstick red ones too....


06 March, 2011

Here comes the sun.

Today is all about drinking this...

And wearing this...(Nb. due to all my black tights being in the wash I would like to point out that I am in fact wearing opaque tights, I know the sun is out and all but I'm not crazy enough to go bare legs just yet...)

And sporting these...

 Whilst soaking up this...

Yesssssss. Now if only this headache would disappear...

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