15 April, 2011

The road to recovery.

There must be something in the air at the moment because it seems a lot of people I know are going through break ups or have broken up with someone recently. That said, I am a firm believer in the fact that there will be a number of rituals that you have to go through to come out the other side. So here we have my very own 12 step program of events that will more than likely occur if you happen to be going through something similar yourself...

1. Spending at least one week crying at least three times a day.

2. The inevitability that a random tv program will also set you off. (I actually cried at Jeremy Kyle).

3. The fact that you will spend exactly one week hiding inside wearing your PJ's drinking nothing but tea. And wine.

4. That there will be one friend who is very insensitive about the whole thing. (Don't blame her though, she loves you really and she thinks that the tough love approach will help).

5. That at some point you will cry at a stranger, whether it be a person on the phone, in the street or in the pub.

6. That you will spend approximately two weeks being rationed sleeping pills by your friends as they fear you are going to get addicted.

7.  The revelation day. The day you decide you can actually leave the house and make it to the pub.

8. On said day, ending up getting very drunk calling/texting your ex on your way home.

9. Waking up the next day in last nights outfit with mascara all down your face, still clutching your phone in the hope that they have responded.

10. The moment you realise they haven't responded and it finally hits home that it's over. At this point it is advisable to call your ladies and get them round immediately...

11. The first time you see your ex out in town. In this situation is is perfectly viable to hide behind the nearest wall/person until they have passed. And subsequently run home.

12. The first time a hot boy tries to talk to you in the pub and you go a little bit shy and probably feel a little bit sick. But in a good way...

After all of these things have happened, and believe me, they probably will happen...you just have to think to yourself that you are through the worse of it now. And in the wise words of D:Ream, things can only get better....


13 April, 2011

There's a bird in the attic.

Hands up who likes getting post? I know I blooming well do. So guess how happy I was when postie brought me a surprise little parcel from Attic Bird last week. That's enough to perk a gal up I can tell you. Attic Bird are a jewellery website who source the most darling vintage inspired jewellery. I'm talking teaspoons, cameos, cute charms and bird cages. That's pretty much all I could ever ask for from jewellery really.

A couple of weeks ago I quizzed founder Georgie Pickerall on her brand spanking new venture...

How would you describe your label?  
It's a vintage-style jewellery collection, I look for pieces that could have come from the olden days or are just plain quirky.  Treasures you'd find in Grandma's attic, little trinket necklaces.  The type that when you wear them, people go 'ooh, that's lovely'.

How long have you been up and running for?
The website launched about 2 months now, I had the idea last summer and it just spawned from there.   I love browsing shops for jewellery and now have an excuse to although I just can't keep it all!

What encouraged you to get into this industry and what was your route into it?
I just love nice jewellery, I have always been attracted to it (like a magpie!), jewellery can really make an outfit, you can select pieces according to your mood, just playing about with colours and styles. Even if you have to dress plainly, you can always finish off the outfit with a nice necklace.

Why did you choose the name Atticbird?
'Attic' is a reflection of the type of pieces I and looking for, antique / vintage style treasures. 'Bird' probably signifies something sparky, new and exciting - I suppose it's a harmony of two themes.  I also typed Attic Bird into Google and the entries that came up were to do with pest control which is quite a unique association.

What is your favourite piece?
I think my favourite piece at the moment is the Golden Butterfly but I have so many favourites.  One piece that should be in stock soon is a necklace with a little Singer sewing machine as a pendant, I can't wait for it to arrive.

At what point did you realize you wanted to become involved in jewellery design?

Unfortunately I am not a talented artist (I wish I was!)  and I don't make any of the jewellery.  Instead, I like to call myself a 'sourcer', keeping my eyes open for nice pieces. I would like my website to be a hub where people can go to find beautiful, quirky pieces either as a treat for themselves or a gift for others.

Where can readers buy your pieces?
www.atticbird.co.uk  I am also trying to get a stall at some vintage fairs in the Midlands, watch this space.
What's next for Atticbird?
I have lots in store for AtticBird, in particular, there is a new collection in the pipeline - I have found a lady who makes gorgeous 1920s style jewellery and I can't wait to get it in stock!

How would you describe your fashion style?
It's all about the jewellery, oh, and a warm scarf.

If you were an item of clothing what would you be?
I love flapper dresses at the moment, they are fun and elegant ... I bought one recently but haven't had the occasion to wear it yet.

What celeb would you most like to see in your designs?
I would definitely choose Maggie Gyllenhall.

And most importantly...Whats your favourite type of cake?
It's got to be carrot cake, mmm!

Take a look at this beautiful necklace. I am absolutely besotted with birds and bird cages so this is just amazing...


12 April, 2011

The wanderer returns...

Every blogger will tell you to never apologise for not posting for a while, however being one that has never really stuck to the rules I'm going to do it anyway. I haven't posted for a month and I'm really sorry to all my readers about that.

I won't go into too many details but lets just say you wouldn't have wanted to see a photo every day of a sleep deprived, puffy faced, PJ wearing mess who was probably in desperate need of a good wash. Over the past month everything has changed dramatically and I now find myself in a whole new and somewhat daunting chapter of my life.

With these changes has come a big decision to change what I'm doing with the blog. You all know I love vintage clothes (and this will never change) but thinking practically I have decided to end my 365 days of vintage and focus more on my writing. I will still do outfit posts of course, just not for every blog post. Yes I'm aware that when I started the blog I said I was doing this to prove to everyone that I can finish something I start but hey, you can't change a pattern of a lifetime. I guess that makes me who I am and it's time for me to come to terms with that. So from now on I will be featuring vintage events, vintage shops, fashion designers, fashion and celebrity news as well as my general ramblings of course.

So now I continue. As a still slightly broken vintage wearing girl who lets face it, is always going to be a little bit fickle.

x x x

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and family and not forgetting my good friend Sailor Jerry. All of you combined have brought me back to life.

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