29 July, 2013

Citrus Ice Tea Recipe

For those tea lovers like me out there who start to get a bit jittery if I haven't had my first cup by 8.30am but don't exactly fancy a brew in this heat, I introduce you to Ice Tea.

As an ice tea novice I wasn't sure if this fruity concoction would cut the mustard but I was pleasantly surprised. The addition of fresh mint and a wedge of orange gave my caffeine hit a much appreciated tropical twist. Add a fancy straw and a heap of ice and it almost feels like a cocktail, which lets face it is never a bad thing. It's simple to make, takes hardly any effort and is deliciously refreshing.


- 6 ordinary tea bags

- 2 tbsp caster sugar

- 10 sprigs mint

- 300ml fresh orange juice

- juice 1 lime

- 1⁄2 sliced orange, mint leaves and ice to serve


Make the tea with 1.2 litres water and the sugar. Add mint sprigs to the pot and infuse for 10 mins.

- Strain the mint out and leave to cool - takes approx 30 mins

- Pour into a jug, stir in the orange juice and serve with a slice of orange, mint and lots of ice.

Recipe from BBC Good Food.

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