29 July, 2013

Pick of the week - Cambridge Satchel Company

This weeks pick of the week goes to the Cambridge Satchel Company. For many months now I have lusted after a satchel, preferably in Brown but with orange coming in a pretty close second choice. You gotta love an orange accessory! Anyway it just so happens I was lucky enough to get one for my birthday. However, this is not just your regular satchel, this beauty is also a back pack. Win. Win.

For a girl that rides her bike to work every day, it's the perfect stylish yet functional design. I can just sling it on and away I go without the pain of having to balance with a shoulder bag and to be honest with amount of junk I carry around on a daily basis; having the weight distributed evenly on my back has gotta be a good thing.

It's ace with pretty much any outfit and if you haven't got one yet be sure to add it to your wish lists. It'll get better with age and is a timeless design.

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