24 August, 2013

AW13 Capsule Wardrobe

It feels a bit odd to be writing about Autumn/Winter style when the sun is shining outside but over dinner with pals the other night the subject of Autumn came up and whether we love it/hate it or are just not that fussed about it. There was lots of talk of comfy socks, mulled drinks and long walks but it got me to thinking about my AW wardrobe.

Last year my AW wardrobe was poor. It was our first winter at Super+Super HQ and being exhausted business women combined with minimal heating (all fixed now) we basically lived in stretchy clothes for 4 months. I don't think I brushed my hair very much for the whole time and even got into the habit of rolling into work with my PJ's sneakily hidden underneath big jumpers. See, poor doesn't even begin to cover it.

So this year we have decided NOT to get ourselves into that situation again and myself and Amy have been talking about the idea of a capsule wardrobe. The tricky thing about AW style is that you buy all these new outfits to wear but as soon as the sun comes out everything is hidden away and forgotten about. So the idea of 15 key pieces that you can rotate throughout the season seems like a much more cost effective way to get around this.

I've worked it out and I think that 15 pieces should do it. Say if you had an overcoat, a pair of jeans, a pair of trousers, one skirt, 2 x dresses, one pair of boots, one pair of shoes, 2 x tops, 2 x jumpers, 1 x cardigan, 2 x shirts that works out at at least 9 different outfits. That's more than enough variations to keep you going I think.

The next part was the fun part, I spent an evening watching crap tv and browsing the Internet for the ideal high street capsule wardrobe. Really inspired by Scando style at the moment I focused on simple colours and designs. Ideal for mixing and matching.

Here is my wishlist for a high street sourced AW capsule wardrobe...

1. Denim shirt // Monki
2. Cardigan // Monki
3. Cashmere Sweater // Iris & Iris
4. Knit dress // Zara
5. Chelsea boot // Office
6. Floral Trouser // ASOS
7. Silk back top // Cos
8. Skirt // ASOS
9. Embroidered Jumper // Hobbs
10. Jeans // Topshop
11. Stripe top // Urban Outfitters
12. Shoes // ASOS
13. Overcoat // ASOS
14. Pinafore // Topshop
15. Knit dress // Cos

Now obviously this wish list totals at around £800 which it's fair to say I do not have, but as I already own jeans, a black dress, my fair share of shirts and around 5 breton tops I think it wouldn't hurt to purchase a few of these for my capsule wardrobe endeavour. Which are your faves?

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