20 August, 2013

MAKE - Screen print tote bag

I am addicted to screen printing at the moment, I've been doing it for just over a year now and myself and Amy (my business partner in crime) began teaching it at Super+Super this time last year too. From cushions, prints and tote bags it's a really easy skill to learn and anyone can do it.

What you need:

Cotton Tote Bag
Tracing paper
Brown paper
Cutting Mat
Fabric Ink
Silk Screen


Start of by doodling your design on some plain paper, for beginners plain shapes, letters, simple designs are the best. Once you are happy either draw the design straight onto your brown paper or use the tracing paper stuck onto the paper with a bit of sellotape in each corner.

Then start slowly cutting out your design. The key is to move the paper around rather than your arm. This way you'll have lots more control.

Top tip, if you make any mistakes just pop a bit of tape over it and carry on cutting as normal!

Once your design is cut out, pop it on the tote bag in the correct position and place the screen on top.

Then choose your ink colour, blob it along the top of the design and grab your squeegee. The trick is to hold the squeegee at a 45 degree angle to the table and pull it over the design in a firm but smooth motion.

Once you've pulled once you should be able to see how it covered. If it's not covered fully simply bang the squeegee back onto the top of the design to get the excess ink of it and use that ink to pull over once more.

Next hang up your freshly printed tote to dry or blast it with a hairdryer if you just can't wait. Then give it a quick once over with an iron to seal the ink and voila, your own customised handmade tote bag.

It's totes ace!

You'll notice that I've used two colours on this particular design and I'll show you how to do this another time :)

Nb: If you are local to Brighton and would like a 1-1 class to make your own tote bag just drop me a line here.
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