30 August, 2013

Nail art - Clouds

In the past year or so I have really got into nail art. I'm not very good at it so I generally just go for alternate colours or key season colours as you can see from my Instagram feed...

I've experimented with stripes and chevrons with my Nail art pen before but with a bank holiday hangover in full swing I decided to commit some sofa time to some serious nail arting!

First attempt... Clouds!

I picked clouds because I figured the messier they are, the more realistic they are. Clouds are all shapes and sizes after all!

My kit consisted off Barry M 306 Blueberry, Models Own Nail art pen in white and Barry M top coat and hardener.

To start off just do one coat of the blue....

Once it's dry, start to get creative and draw on lightly with the nail art pen. I found it easier to do the outline of the cloud first then fill it in.

Once the basics are there, I then spent a little more time neatening them up before letting them dry.

Once dry, add a top coat and voila! Cute little cloud nails!
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