19 August, 2013

RECIPE - Tiger Stripes Cake

This weeks recipe is brought to you from Laura, one half of The Little Button Diaries. Having sampled my fair few of the lovely Laura's baked goods I just had to ask her to share a recipe with my readers.

Laura is currently working with us over at Super+Super on our next event - a super bake off!! A chance for you to channel your inner Mary Berry and show off your baking skills with all proceeds going to Rockinghorse - a Brighton based children's charity. Full details can be found here.

Now for the cake...

When She's Called Claire asked me to make a cake, I leapt at the chance. I grabbed all my recipe books off the shelf and found about 20 I wanted to do which were all really fancy (ok, make that challenging). My baby then woke up, distracting me from my baking dream, and I realised I needed a quick, simple and above all tasty bake to make. 

Whenever I want quick, simple and tasty, I turn to Lorraine Pascale's recipes. I adapted her Crouching Tiger, Hidden Zebra Cake, from her 'Fast, Fresh and Easy Food' book.

You begin by following a normal sponge recipe, but divide the mixture in half before putting it into cake tins. Keep one half as plain vanilla, then add 25g of cocoa and the zest of an orange to the other. 

To get the pattern on the sponge, Lorraine dollops a spoonful of mixture into the cake tin one after the other - a very effective if time-consuming method, which gives a lovely concentric circles effect. Because I was short of time, I put the two mixtures into piping bags and piped alternating rows of vanilla and chocolate. I started at the centre and worked my way out to each side. I then repeated this for a second layer to use up the mixture. Rather than giving you circles, this results in a stripy effect.

The original recipe doesn't call for a filling but I added a thin layer of vanilla buttercream to sandwich my layers together. A perfect afternoon treat.

For the original recipe click here.

The Little Button Diaries are written by Brighton-based duo Laura and Tia. Their blog features babies, craft and baking, but mainly eating a lot of cake. Follow their blog at http://thelittlebuttondiaries.wordpress.com
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