02 September, 2013

FASHION - Kick it to the curb

All summer long I have been riding my bike to and from work which is just lovely. He is called 'Philip' or on a particularly fancy day he's called 'Philippe"(french accent mandatory).

One problem I've come across is that riding said bike seems to be trashing all my sandals. I'm not sure if it's because the soles are so thin that they are just bending too much or if it's because they are cheap (ahem) but either way they are starting to fall apart pair by pair.

Luckily for me the awesome people at Converse have sent me a pair of brand spanking new kicks which will make my cycling jaunts so much easier plus my sandals can let out a big sigh of relief that they are not going to be subjected to peddle trauma anymore.

It couldn't have come at a better time really as my old pair - which have stood me well for the past 3 years have finally given up the ghost and are now a bit holey...and a bit smelly if I'm honest!

I've never had a grey pair before and always stuck to the classic canvas colour in the past but I'm really excited to rock a grey pair as I think it's going to work with my AW13 wardrobe like bacon on bread.

Trainers // Converse

Shirt // Beyond Retro

Jeans // Miss Selfridge

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