09 September, 2013

RECIPE - Chocolate orange, olive oil and avocado cake

Yesterday saw a number of Brighton bakers chanelling their inner Mary Berry and entering the Super+Super bake off. As one half of Super I decided it was only right to represent and enter my own cake. Wanting to try something I'd never done before I trawled Domestic Sluttery for a 'different' cake to bake.

Having decided I wanted to make something gluten free and intrigued by the idea of using avocado in a cake I settled on their Chocolate orange, olive oil and avocado cake. (I can hear you all licking your lips from here). The recipe can be found here: http://www.domesticsluttery.com/2013/06/let-her-eat-cake-olive-oil-orange-chocolate-cake.html

Here are some snaps of the finished bake:

It was VERY chocolaty and really moist and quite possibly my neatest cake to date. Sadly I didn't win a prize at the bake off but quite frankly there were just too many good ones that I am not even surprised! I was just happy to enter and to be part of such an amazing day. 

You can see full details about the bake off here  but here are some snaps I took on the day...

Mmmm. So. Much. Cake.
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