10 January, 2014

FASHION - Back to School Style

This week has definitely had that 'Back to School' vibe about it. I had two weeks off work and coming back to work has been a definite shock to the system. No more drinking before noon 'because it's Christmas', no more fantastically hideous jumpers, no more amazing 80's films on tv. Le sigh...

I've also got a back to school disaster haircut. I always cut my own hair and it's always fine but something went very wrong this time! I recently died it as well get rid of the dip dye for a while and true to form it went darker than it should have. I then got a bit snip happy with the scissors and have ended up with a very very short fringe of which does not suit me at all. It's like Primary School all over again when my Mum gave me a bowl haircut! Despite all this I am actually glad to be back, myself and my Business partner Amy have rearranged our desks which is the perfect way to boost your enthusiasm at work - the same as when you were a kid and used to rearrange your bedroom. We're close to completing a top secret project and we have welcomed some lovely new studio members to our HQ.

With all this in mind, one of my new favourite outfits is somewhat fitting to end our first week back with. I've been after a tartan ensemble for a while now. It was all over Fashion Week and now the high street but I was never sure I could pull it off. There's a fine line between Vivienne Westwood and Cher Horowitz when it comes to tartan. I then realised that both of those are crazy cool and what was I even thinking questioning it! So my hunt for tartan began.

It was Tesco that actually came up trumps for me. The colour of this green and blue tartan dress from F&F makes it a great dress for the winter months. I've teamed it with a polo neck, thick black tights and my old faithful Clarkes Original boots.

I am a big fan of F&F dresses, in fact one of my favourite summer dresses is a F&F one. Being tall I sometimes struggle with short frocks. There's a very fine line between short and obscene and unfortunately being 6" tall I seem to come pretty close to that line a lot of the time. However I have found their frocks to be in the tall girls favour when it comes to lengths. I do wish the waist line was slightly lower for my body shape but it's ace none the less. The skater girl style is super flattering for any pear shaped gals like me and what's more the light fabric allows  for layering underneath too. Que the turtle neck.

Oh turtle necks, you've gotten so much jip in the past. You were never really embraced. Simply tarred with the stamp of '80's mum' or my personal favourite '70's Dad'. People ignored your ability to keep necks warm and you were shunned. Not anymore my friend, I'm bringing you back. Now you are a 'cool nineties' staple. You are hip. You have made it.

If you like the dress it's actually on sale for a bargain £11 here: http://www.clothingattesco.com/checks/f+f-limited-edition-checked-pinafore-dress/invt/jg321714

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