12 February, 2014

RELATIONSHIPS - To tinder or not to tinder?

One of my best friends is currently considering going on Tinder. She has been on Plenty of Fish and encountered her fair share of weirdos yet also been on quite a few nice dates. I met up with her for a vino last week and we discussed the pros and cons of her going on Tinder.

Another friend of ours is on Grindr and he ruddy loves it. Granted we pretty much lost all contact with him once he signed up as he was on it allllll the time but he was and still is having a blast. It's not a massive sweeping statement for me to say at this point (and he wholeheartedly agrees) 'Is this just because he is gay?' Let's face it, he's not looking for a relationship, he just wants hook ups so it serves his purpose completely.

For my friend however she IS in the market for a long term relationship. Can you meet guys that are also suitable as boyfriends on a site that is basically set up for one night stands?

Here are the pros and cons that we somewhat drunkenly came to the conclusion of...

- Perfect for those evenings when all your friends are busy and you want a bit of attention.
- It gets you out on the scene again.
- It tells you if you have any Facebook friends in common - and common ground is always a good conversation starter. Except if that friend in common happens to be an ex...
- No long laborious messages to decide if you even want to go on a date with them.
- It's quick to set up. No need to spend hours agonising over the perfect dating profile.

- The fact it is location based could be considered a pro, however we decided if you were in a busy bar and you 'liked' someone near by and they 'passed' you, it would definitely be a con. And a bit soul destroying...
- You will encounter your fair share of sleezebags. Hello 'block'!
- It is slightly shallow as it's pretty much purely based on looks.
- There are no options to add in your stats. No heights in particular which is especially bad for those tall girls amongst us.
- The majority of guys are on there just for a wham, bam, thank you mam!

But perhaps you may be lucky and find your dream lover. It's literally like a lottery. What are your thoughts on Tinder?

Is it worth it? I'd love to hear your stories!

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