16 February, 2014

SECONDHAND SUNDAY - Geometric knits

I thought I wasn't going to be able to do a 'Secondhand Sunday' post today as I'm working solo today and there is no one around to ask to take a quick pic of me. Then I remembered that it being one of my favourite jumpers I must have a photo of it from the SCC archives and low and behold I did!

Working my old faithful 'stare at the floor' blogger pose, here I am in my totally rad geometric oversized jumper. I thrifted this from a big warehouse near by house some years back and it's just the right amount of itchy/awesome.

I think this is actually a guys jumper so always look for mens jumpers in charity shops and vintage shops as they are much looser and perfect for wearing in an oversized slouchy style.

Big jumpers rule!
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