11 February, 2014

TUTORIAL - DIY Valentines cards

I do love Valentines day, not for the pomp and expectations that comes with it but purely for just telling a certain someone that you love them. For me that's my fiancee of course but I also like to send valentines to my friends, my Mum, my cat.. you get the jist.

Here is a really quick and simple DIY tutorial to make lots of little valentines cards to send to all your best ones. It'll make there day I promise!

You will need:



1. Start by folding your card over into thirds. This ensures you get the maximum amount of cards out of one piece of card.

2. Draw a simple heart design onto the card. Making sure to leave space along the folds so it stays together when you cut it out.

3. Cut out the design. Sharpen the folded edge with the back of a ruler or anything flat.

Voila! Super cute and simple valentines cards!

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