17 February, 2014

TUTORIAL - Printed inspiration banner

I don't know about you but I am a sucker for an inspirational quote or a catchphrase and some days you just need a little pick me up. After a particularly difficult week I decided my wall was in desperate need of a little something motivational.

This DIY screen printed banner is made from the back of an old tote bag so it's the perfect reuse & recycle project.

You will need:

Your quote
Tote bag
Pinking shears
Cutting Mat
Brown paper
Fabric Ink


1. Print or draw your quote onto a piece of A4 paper and then stick the 4 corners of the paper onto a piece of brown paper.

2. Start by cutting out the centre of the any letters, for example the P and then O in the case. Keep them to one side as you will need to place them back in at the end.

3. Now cut out the letters, taking care on the curves to create a clean line.

4. Using your normal scissors cut the handles of your tote bag.

5. Use a pencil to draw a triangle at the bottom of the bag. Then use the pinking shears to cut out the shape.

6. Place the brown paper on top of the tote bag and place in the cut out pieces of the letters you have kept

7. Place your screen on top of the design and dollop a line of ink above it. Using your squeegee pull the ink over the design in a firm and smooth motion.

8. Now use your pinking shears to trim the edges of the bag. This means there is less chance of fraying and no need for a sewing machine.

9. You may decide a simple banner is enough for you however I felt mine needed a bit o' jazz. Grab some leftover pom poms and some super glue and stick some along the top edge of the bag. Be careful not to stick them too high as the top of the tote bag becomes the tunnel for your piece of doweling/bamboo/knitting needles to hold the banner up.

10. Insert your doweling of choice into the tunnel at the top of the bag, attach some string/ribbon to either end and you are ready to hang!

I hung mine in my hallway so I can see it every time I leave the house. Cheesey as heck yes, but if it works for ya, it works for ya.

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