18 March, 2014

RELATIONSHIPS - How to make a move on your commute

Today's relationship dilemma comes from Twitter.

'How do you make a move on someone on your commuter train? Total silence and surrounded by people you see every day. Dilemma!'


10 March, 2014

FASHION - Pinterest Picks

I am so addicted to Pinterest it's not even funny anymore. Every available tea break, ad break & lunch break I am logging in ready to pin! I don't know what I used to do without it. The ace thing about it is that it is so inspiring. If you need an idea, a pick me up or a new project then it's the place to go. Although you guys already know this so there's no need for me to keep banging on about how brilliant it is.

My favourite Pinterest pastime at the moment are my Vegan & Sweet threads boards. The vegan one because I have become obsessed with dairy free baking and the sweet threads board because it houses all the cool clothes I wish I could have but can't afford!

Here are some of the favourite clothing pieces I've pinned this week so far:

Proenza Schouler Rucksack

03 March, 2014

RELATIONSHIPS - The big body hair debate

The subject of body hair is a bit of a tough one these days isn't it?

About two years ago there was a big uproar telling ladies to stop shaving their legs and be proud of our hairy pins, there was Julia Roberts 'pit-gate' where she got slammed by the media for having hairy armpits on a red carpet and this year the media are now telling us it's the 'year of the bush'.


TRAVEL - My Staycation wishlist

I had a conversation with some friends over dinner on Friday night about travelling. I haven't travelled much at all. I've been to France, Spain and New York and that's it outside of the UK. When I was talking about it though I didn't really feel like I'd missed out. Most of the time when I feel the need to get away it's purely for the reason that I need a break, be it for a night, a weekend or a week. The fact I've stayed at so many amazing places in the UK has fulfilled that need entirely. In fact even though I have a list of places in the world I'd like to visit, I also still have a list of places in the UK I'd go like to.

1. First up is Portmeirion.

Image from Buzzfeed UK

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