24 March, 2014

CRAFT - DIY wedding button holes

As you may (or may not) know I am in the throws of planning my wedding next year. In the spirit of being thrifty (and so we can go on a nice honeymoon!) we've decided to do a totally DIY wedding day. We're talking food, cake, flowers, decs, the works!

I was recently asked by Country Baskets to pick out some materials to do a crafty make for their Ideas Library and it was the perfect opportunity to get cracking with some wedding ideas. We are going to be having lots of wild flowers at the wedding but as they haven't even started to sprout yet I thought some little button holes would be a great place to start.

You will need:

Bunch 12 rose heads
Parafilm green tape
Artificial heather bush
Bunch of rosemary

1. Start by cutting a sprig of rosemary, a sprig of the heather and however many roses you prefer. I went for the coral colour but you could pick whatever colour fitted your colour theme for the big day.

2. Bunch them up into a group, fix with wire if you wish but not necessary and starting around half way up the stems wrap the tape round.

3. Keep wrapping whilst moving the tape downwards to cover the rest of the visible stems.

4. Wrap round a few extra times at the bottom, snip and stick the end down and you are done. They are now ready to pin onto your groomsmen.

If like me you decide to use real rosemary, I would make the button holes the day (or preferably night before) the wedding so they are fresh. If you make them to far in advance the rosemary leaves will gradually fall off.
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