19 March, 2014

CRAFT - Perfecting your workstation

Where I work is really important to me. When I'm at work at my Super+Super studio I have a standing desk which is brill as it means I can be more mobile and feel a bit more energetic. It also leans itself more to impromptu dancing which is never a bad thing!

However when I work from home which is most weekends and some evenings I find I get a bit too lazy. I always start off with good intentions at my kitchen table but inevitably I always find myself creeping towards the comfy sofa.

Although this is great some of the time, I really have noticed it becoming somewhat unproductive. The temptation to turn on that TV and watch that episode of the Big Bang theory I've seen a million times is just too much!

So I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed a proper desk. After a bit of a furniture move around in my bedroom I had the perfect space for a desk to fit. The table I've got is from Furniture Choice and is actually supposed to be a dining table but it works just as well as a desk.

With any workstation it's important to have things that inspire you around. That way when you daydream you are looking around at inspiring triggers rather than a blank wall.

Around my workstation I have a wooden 'lets get lost' art piece from Dowse, one of my weaves, some plants, a favourite Hello Marine print and some hooks to hold photos or notes. Currently I have a cat card from my bestie, a photo of my newborn niece Martha and a photo of my longtime pal and business partner Amy's cat. Oh how I miss that little kitty!

I also have all the tools necessary to create anything at a whim. My trustee laptop (obvs), my cutting mats, favourite pens, stationary etc.

At the moment the space feels very clean and organised. I am going to TRY to keep it like this. What is it they say? Clean house, clean mind? I think that works for desks too...
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