20 March, 2014

CRAFT - Weaving rules

I've been wanted to take up weaving for a while now. After pinning amazing weave after amazing weave onto my dream home board I figured it was about time I treated myself to a loom of my own and get cracking.

The first one I made (above) was a small wall hanging and I was so so chuffed with how it came out. For a novice it's not a bad attempt I'd say...

Next up I took the plunge and went for a full size piece. This was made for my friends birthday present but I knew I wanted to step up my game this time around so I decided to start experimenting with different textures. I tested out doubling the yarn, tripling the yarn and then with some ribbons. I was really pleased with how it came out and although I need some practice tying off the ends I think I am getting there.

I'm really interested to learn different techniques now I am getting to grips with the basics and found a great article on Urbanara going into more detail about some different weave techniques. I think basket weave will be my next attempt.

Do you have any tips for the novice weaver?
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