10 March, 2014

FASHION - Pinterest Picks

I am so addicted to Pinterest it's not even funny anymore. Every available tea break, ad break & lunch break I am logging in ready to pin! I don't know what I used to do without it. The ace thing about it is that it is so inspiring. If you need an idea, a pick me up or a new project then it's the place to go. Although you guys already know this so there's no need for me to keep banging on about how brilliant it is.

My favourite Pinterest pastime at the moment are my Vegan & Sweet threads boards. The vegan one because I have become obsessed with dairy free baking and the sweet threads board because it houses all the cool clothes I wish I could have but can't afford!

Here are some of the favourite clothing pieces I've pinned this week so far:

Proenza Schouler Rucksack
This rucksack is ridiculously dreamy. It comes with a hefty price tag so will always be kept in said dreams but it's just so so pretty.

Simple black dress styled by Pennyweight Blog

I love this all black ensemble from Pennyweight blog. This look has such a simple yet effective style.
Green sole loafers by Peter Hahn
These Peter Hahn loafers are amazing. The right side of sensible but fun. I have been admiring coloured soled shes for a while now but all the pairs I've seen have always just been a little bit *too* neon. Not these though, this green colour is just the ticket.

Sweetcorn Sweater
I don't think I need to say much about this sweater. It's got a freaking sweetcorn on it for goodness sake. It's just too good.

Skinny stonewash jeans from Madewell
This photo was pinned from Madewells website and try as hard as I might my thighs and a stonewash combo is a recipe for disaster. I hope that one day I can rock a look like this and not just look like an eighties Mum...!

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