04 March, 2014

RECIPE - Vegan Summer Rolls

My friend made me these for dinner last week and I knew after my first bite that I'd be making them again! They are so delicious and even with the peanut butter dipping sauce they are still healthy. They are Vegan and Gluten free too.

The recipe comes from 'This Rawsome Vegan Life' which as you can probably imagine is an awesome raw and vegan food blog.

You will need:

For the rolls:
1 cup cooked rice noodles
Rice Paper sheets (I bought mine from a local chinese supermarket)
1 carrot
1 avocado
1/3 cucumber
1 cup fresh basil
Red pepper

The proper recipe for the peanut sauce is here but I was running low on ingredients so just made mine with:

3 tablespoons peanut butter
1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Pepper to season
Boiling water to reduce to preferred thickness


To make the sauce: blend/mix all ingredients until smooth.

To make the rolls:

1. Start by cooking your rice noodles. Once cooked rinse with cold water, drain and set to one side.

2. Prep your veg by cutting them into think strips.

3. One at a time, dip your rice paper into warm warm until they soften and become pliable.

4. Remove from water and place onto a plate or board. Arrange your veg into the middle and top with some rice noodles.

5. Fold over the two ends and then wrap it up (similar to folding a burrito). Make it as tight as possible and don't worry too much if they tear. It takes a bit of practise.

6. Serve with the dipping sauce.

To see the full recipe click here.

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