03 March, 2014

RELATIONSHIPS - The big body hair debate

The subject of body hair is a bit of a tough one these days isn't it?

About two years ago there was a big uproar telling ladies to stop shaving their legs and be proud of our hairy pins, there was Julia Roberts 'pit-gate' where she got slammed by the media for having hairy armpits on a red carpet and this year the media are now telling us it's the 'year of the bush'.

I don't know about you but it's all a bit exhausting. I for one am not ashamed to go out with hairy legs. It's not the end of the world if I'm sitting on a bus with my hairy knees are creeping out from under my dress. I'm the same with my pits. Nothing is gonna stop me busting out moves to Cher in a crowded club, let alone a stubbly pit. As for my lady garden, only one person sees that and I tend to that however I see fit. You gotta mix it up after all.

It seems like one minute the media goes down the feminist route and tells us to embrace it and then the next minute it's viewed as being gross and unsanitary. Stop with the mixed messages please media! Surely there are more important areas to be focusing on then the percentage of hair on our bodies.

Earlier in the year American Apparel apparently shocked members of the public in NYC with their mannequins showing public hair. Granted they were a 'heavy bush' and it was all just a big PR stunt but is a big bush really *that* shocking anymore and why was the bush even being used as a stunt anyway? Is it that much of a taboo?

Lots of articles on the subject state the main cause of the bush saga is down to porn. Men now prefer zero hair because that's what is considered sexy in the porn industry. Umm, have they not watched any seventies porn? Those bushes are off the scale and they are still seen as hot!

Personally I think it shouldn't matter and no one should be judged on how hairy they are. You'll never read an article about how big a mans pubes are or how a certain celebs back is just too hairy. And no, that's not just a massive feminist statement. I'll think you'll find that's true fact.

As I write this I can't help but think about the recent press coverage on Harnaam Kaur. This strong women shows just how much the topic of body hair can lead to horrible abuse but the wonderful thing about this story is that she's sticking up for herself against all the haters.

So take a leave out of Harnaams book guys. Be what you want to be.

(I feel like that is the lyrics from a dodgy pop song but it works so I'm sticking with it).

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