12 March, 2014

Women of the World festival

Last weekend I attended an event at the Women of the World festival. Unfortunately I didn't get a pass for the whole weekend but even the short time I was there it was definitely a positive an inspiring environment to find myself in.

The WOW festival is a series of talks, debates, performances and activism celebrating women and girls. Topics of focus included fashion, careers, science, politics and more and the whole event was held at the Southbank centre.

I went to the Speed Mentoring event on the Sunday, International Women's day in fact! The event was a thrilling one hour session where you found yourself infront of four mentors all offering advice, inspiration and support for the challenges you are struggling with in your careers.

It was a bit like a roulette in that you didn't know the experience or skills of the person you ended up sitting in front of but luckily for me two out of the three I saw were invaluable and the other lady was just so lovely it didn't matter. I left feeling utterly inspired and totally pumped. It's amazing how you can feel so much better just by talking about an idea or being offered a bit of advice.

When we left we had a wander around the marketplace and there was so many different things going on. People were making things, selling things and promoting things and there was a wealth of things to join in on.

I really wish I had got a weekend pass so I could go to more but when we were waiting for the toilet my friend Amy did manage to spot Vivienne Westwood in another room. She was there for her talk with Liberty's director Shami Chakrabarti which was an amazing surprise.

If you would like to know more about #WOWLDN why not follow them on twitter here.

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