09 April, 2014

Relationships - Are we too busy to date?

Following a recent conversation with a friend of mine who works full time, has a business on the side and is currently on the dating scene it soon became apparent that she may not even have time to date.

A recent Match.com Lovegeist report showed that weekend dates are nearly four times as popular that weeknights and illness (33%), having to work late (18%), being tired (19%) and being asked out by someone better (6%) were all cited as reasons for having to cancel dates.

A typical week used to be working Monday to Friday and get home to the TV. Friday night would be date night and the weekend would be for family and friends and generally relaxing & preparing for the onslaught of Monday morning all over again.

Nowadays our filofax's are busting with dates, non date-dates, friend dates, hangouts, dinners and drinks. The list is endless.

It's probably very rare now to go through a working week without at least two weeknight socialising dates in some shape or form. This, along with the reports cancellation rates kind of makes me think we just don't have time for serious dating anymore. Speaking personally I now relish having a night off with no plans. It's a bloody nice treat to get home and not have to go out again or chat for hours and hours on end to another person. Nope, it's just me and my TV remote. Bliss.

With hectic schedules and stress levels being at an all time high I'm not surprised about the demise of a weeknight date if I'm honest. It's hard enough to deal with work pressures, family pressures and even media pressures than to think about sprucing yourself up and faking it til it's real on a weeknight. Aint no one got time for that!

On the plus side however, the Match.com report also revealed that Saturday is Britain's favourite day to date. Now this I can get on board with. Saturday day dates are the best. Not only does it pretty much always include brunch but it also has the opportunity to turn into an AM to PM date. You know the kind, it's when you have a mimosa with brunch and the next thing you know you're having a gimlet with dinner.

What's even better is that you then have a whole day off the next day to nurse that hangover and either reminisce your brilliant date or hide away from embarrassment/poor judgement. Either way, you'll be guaranteed a much needed date with your sofa. It's a win win.

Are you single? Do you find it difficult to squeeze dates in?

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