28 May, 2014


I am the first to admit that my experience of travelling is a limited one. I have been to New York twice but other than that I used to think Spain was a bit of a trek.

I recently found myself with a week to spare (Hello redundancy!) and in the spirit of saying 'screw you' myself and the boy decided to book a last minute holiday. As we started looking around we decided that we didn't mind where it was as long as it was hot.

Our searching eventually took us to the Maldives and with a good deal under our belt and more factor 50 than clothes we made our way to the airport. Now as a 'tropical weather' novice I had been warned that it would be hot hot. I shrugged it off and thought it couldn't be any hotter than an English hot hot day. Oh my. I was wrong. It was hot hot hot. When we got off the plane I was not prepared. I'm pretty sure I lost half my body weight in sweat just on the transfer.

Anyway, we had ourselves the most amazing and relaxing holiday and I would give anything to go and do it all over again. I read FOUR books (amazing) and we ate and drank our way around the island. Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the trip.

Obviously going on holiday at any time is amazing but if you are ever at a crossroads in your life it really is the best time to go. Funds permitting of course! A week to clear your head is just the ticket. You'll come back a different (and slightly browner) person!

Now to start planning our honeymoon. Eep! If anyone has any suggestions for the next place to tick off my list let me know! I think I've got the bug...!
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