16 June, 2014

Blog hoppin'

Last Monday both myself and my partner in crime (and business) Miss Amy Phipps were tagged by blogger Lucy Davidson of Peas and Needles fame for our own personal blogs and our Super+Super blog in a blog hop.

The aim of a blog hop is to find new blogs to read and follow. It's a great idea as I am always on the hunt for new bloggers to follow :)

Here are my blog hop answers!

1// What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk/making table in the last week? 

Last week I spent most of my days working on a top secret Super+Super project. All will be revealed in July but we can't wait to share it with you. It really is going to be amazing!

I've also been planning two new crafty projects for two of my best friends who's babies are due in September (in the same week in fact!) I can't really say what I'll be making for these either as I know they read this blog and I want their baby presents to be a surprise! 

I am also in the process of planning my wedding so I have been planning what decorations we are going to make to dress our venue.

2// Where are you currently finding you inspiration? (influences, heroes/who, sources of inspiration, paths exploring) 

Pinterest is a constant source of inspiration for me as is craftgawker.

I'm also finding inspiration from having recently taken the plunge to go freelance. I am now working on solo projects and finally have the time to dedicate to our business Super+Super. Having struggled for three years working full time and running a business at the same time it's so nice to take the time to focus on projects and our future. Having the flexibility to do this is providing me with so much inspiration to achieve our goals and my own personal goals.

3// How important is being creative to you & how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?

Being creative is extremely important to me. It's a way of life really and all I've ever known. Getting the balance right has previously been challenging whilst working full time but now I'm freelance it has opened so many doors of possibility and it means I can be more creative in my day to day tasks.

I do think it is important to have a personal project on the go though. Be it making a dress from scratch or making something for your home. I think if you are within a creative job you can spend all your time working and not making anything that's just for you.

I'm asking the same questions to three of my current favourite blogs:

Mangia Bene - Edible stories from an English Kitchen - Gabriella's blog is a food blog inspired by her Italian heritage. She recently celebrated a 'Puglia Party' on her blog where she posted recipes and inspiration from her family town Puglia for a whole month.

What You Sow - What you sow is a gardening and craft blog by Lyndsey Haskell. Not only does Lyndsey showcase lots of lovely gardening products and green fingered tips but she also does lots of awesome crafty projects.

Oh Happy Day! - I've been reading Oh Happy Day! a lot recently. With a crafty wedding to plan her blog is jam packed full of party inspiration! It's a Pinterest addicts dream!

Happy hopping!
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