11 June, 2014

CRAFT - Crafting with Sugru

I was recently approached by Sugru to see if I'd like to take up the challenge of making something useful with their product. All I had to do was watch this video before I was sold and said yes immediately.

The silicon technology means you can basically fix anything with it. It dries in openair over 24 hours so their's no making or heating required.

I decided to make a little organisation station with my sugru. I don't have a pinboard in my studio so needed something I can hang paperwork/notes or just inspirational images from. It literally could not be easier to make and I'm not lying when I said it took me less that 5 minutes to construct.

You will need:

3 packs of sugru
3 bulldog clips

I started with three different colours, red, yellow and blue. Cut open the first pack and roll the rubber into a ball in your hand. Repeat this process until all 3 are rolled.

On your preferred surface (I put mine straight onto the wall) press the balls onto the wall with an even distance in between each one.

Next, grab your bulldog clips and gently press them into the balls.

Leave to dry for 24 hours before hanging anything on them.

Then clip on your bits and bobs!

Simple as that! I am already thinking of what I can make or fix with sugru next! :)

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