24 June, 2014

FASHION: I'm on Depop!

I have recently joined Depop, the little shop in your pocket. After a recent clear out of my summer wardrobe I found some pieces that I just don't wear anymore and some I have never worn (tut tut). 

I was going to eBay them but then I discovered a little app called Depop. It's so easy, you just take a picture on your phone, enter in a description and a price and it's live. I sold a skirt the first night I uploaded my wears!

It's free to download and kinda similar to Instagram in that you can follow people and they can follow you. You can then buy through Paypal straight from the app too.

Here are a few of the items I currently have for sale. Unfortunately my other half wasn't around to take the photos so I had to balance my phone on a chair, on my bed and use a free camera timer app to take the snaps (so professional..!) It was quite fun pulling all the poses though :)

Follow me on Depop at shescalledclaire and I'll follow you back!

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