09 July, 2014

CRAFT: DIY Wedding Napkins

The date has been set, we've registered our intent to marry at the local council by someone named Trevor Love (seriously) and we've put a deposit down on a venue. It feels like our wedding is starting to come together. With 9 months to go there are just a few more things we need to iron out. Including sending out the invites and sourcing a few bits to put on the wedding budget spreadsheet. Geeky I know but it's a godsend for when you are trying to plan a thrifty wedding.

I decided the other day that I'd like to start making a few bits and bobs soon and these napkins were a great starting point. They are old linen ones from my Nanna and perfect for sprucing up a bit.

You will need:

Fabric Napkins
Gold & Black Fabric paint
Pencil with flat rubber on end


Take your first napkin and lay flat onto a work surface - be sure to cover the surface with newspaper or scrap paper to protect it. Shake the gold fabric ink pot and undo the lid. A nice amount of ink should have collected in the lid for you to work from.

Dip the rubber end of the pencil into the ink and press onto the napkin. Repeat and repeat and repeat until the napkin is covered.

You can now do the same with the other napkins. I did another one with just black dots and another with both gold and black dots.

After a couple of hours and the ink is dry you need to seal it with a hot iron so you can wash and use the napkins again.

They are then ready for the big day! 

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