07 July, 2014

CRAFT: Upcycle an old chair

I am a big fan of upcycling. I love transforming something old into something shiny and new. I bought this chair from an antiques fair for a fiver a few months back. It's a little bit worn but nothing a good old sand and a lick of paint won't fix.

You will need:

Sandpaper (I used medium as my chair needed a lot of TLC but fine would do the trick if your chair is in pretty good nick)
Acrylic paint in your chosen colour
Satin interiors varnish
Paintbrush or two
Paint tray/plate
Masking Tape
Newspaper or scrap paper for cover floor/work surface


1. Start by sanding down all the rough edges on your chair. Use a cloth or rag to wipe away the dust.

2. If you want a neat edge use some masking tape to mask off the seat of the chair from the legs. If you feel confident with your precise painting skills you do not necessarily need to do this step.

3. Squeeze out some paint onto your paint tray, grab your paint brush and start painting the legs of your chair with their first coat.

4. Once this coat is dry (mine took around 15 minutes) give the legs another coat of acrylic.

5. Leave to dry before coating the whole chair in varnish. I opted for satin varnish but if you prefer a matt look you can buy matt instead :) I'd also recommend doing the varnishing outside as the smell can be quite toxic.

6. You may find you need to do a second coat of varnish which you can do after a couple of hours. Leave for 24 hours to dry.

7. Now your chair has been given a new lease of live and is ready to brighten up your dining table, spruce up your work space or add a touch of colour to that corner in your bedroom.

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